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Educational Activities for graduate-level students

Countless young professionals are necessary to ensure successful future space development. In order to enhance development of these young professionals, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is strengthening educational collaborations on graduate -level in Japan. Currently, over total 200 students are learning at JAXA/ISAS from universities in Japan.


Q.Do you have an internship program?

A. JAXA indeed has an internship program and this program focuses mainly on the familiarization and introduction of space related job/works to Japanese students for their consideration of their life/career planning.

JAXA internship program 2011 will be released in May 2011 on JAXA web page as following. http://www.jaxa.jp/employ/index_e.html

Q.How can I study at JAXA to get a master's/doctor's degrees.

A. JAXA/ISAS(Institute of Space and Astronautical Science) is not university so that JAXA itself does not offer degree.However, JAXA/ISAS cooperates with some Japanese universities on advanced education for master/doctor degrees. You might have a chance to learn and research in JAXA/ISAS through the following Japanese Universities cooperating with JAXA and, finally, you can get degree from those universities. Generally speaking, Japanese universities are open to foreign nationals. You might have an oppotunity.

SOKENDAI ( the Graduate University for Advanced Studies )
 - The Department of Space and Astronautical Science

 - Graduate School of Science
 - Graduate School of Engineering

JAXA has collaboration program with some other universities. For example,Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tohoku University, a Tokyo metropolitan university, and etc. Some students from those universities learning/researching at JAXA/ISAS.

Q.Can I receive a scholarship from JAXA ?

A. JAXA has no scholarship program, currently. Japanese government, JSPS has general (not limited to space research) scholarship program for foreigners, please refer to the following web as general information ; -Japan Society for the Promotion of Schience (Fellowships)

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About JAXA's collaboration activities with universities and reseach institutes : JAXA Promotion Office for Collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes.

About JAXA's mission except the above: http://www.jaxa.jp/pr/inquiries/index_e.html



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【図説 宇宙工学】

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